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G2 dominates Heroic in NiKo show

NiKo put on a show as G2 dominates against Heroic in Flashpoint 3.

The first map was on Inferno where Heroic started as the CT side, as it was G2´s map pick.

But G2 dominated the T side on Inferno, where Heroic couldn’t contain G2´s offense, especially JaCkz and nexa was difficult to defend for Heroic as the CT side. And after the first half on Inferno, G2 was leading 10-5, and they got themselves a big advantage moving on to the CT side.

And Heroic delivered as the CT side, where they won 6 in 12 rounds, and this was enough for them to win the map. Great team performance for G2, where their offense plans were spot on against Heroic´s nearly flawless defense lately.

The second map was on Nuke where G2 started as the CT side, and they dominated Heroic in the first half, where they didn’t have a chance.  

A fantastic CT performance by G2 and they were leading 11-4 at halftime, and the win seemed to be a formality. But Heroic wanted it otherwise, they stepped up their game after a very bad first half, and they managed to get themselves back in the game as the CT side to make it 14-14.

And they delivered an absolutely outrageous comeback against one of the strongest offenses in the world as the CT side.

They won 12-3 in the second half, and this was enough for them to win the second map Nuke 16-14, and therefore a third map was needed to find a winner of the match.

The third map became the legendary Mirage, where G2 dominated from the start.

G2 came flying out like the T side, where they outplayed the CT defense from Heroic to make it 9-6 in the first half.

And G2 didn’t let Heroic came closer in the second half, as they only lost one round and won the seven other rounds in the half.

A fantastic performance by G2 who showed their powers as the T side, against one of the best teams right now.

The Bosnian cousins NiKo and huNter- stepped up on the last map, where they delivered fantastic numbers as NiKo became the map MVP with a rating of 1.90 and huNter- with a rating of 1.76.

Heroic – G2 (1-2) | Flashpoint 3

11-16 (Inferno) | JaCKz – 1.55 Rating / 24-16 K-D / 87.4 ADR

16-14 (Nuke) | NiKo – 1.60 Rating / 29-19 K-D / 113.4 ADR

7-16 (Mirage) | NiKo – 1.90 Rating / 24-10 K-D / 118.3 ADR

Match MVP:

Nikola ”NiKo” Kovac – 1.53 Rating / 71-45 K-D / 106.2 ADR

Watch some highlights from the game here:

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