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G2 Go 3-0 After Defeating ENCE

"Spinx" almost dropped another 40-bomb on Ancient!

With Vitality already qualified for the Legends stage, the next two teams who would try to do the same were ENCE and G2. Everyone knows what the superstars of G2 are capable of, but with ENCE's recent form this was bound to be a banger!

G2 started the Bo3 with a great T-side on their map pick of Dust2. Their young star AWP'er "m0NESY", who had been a bit quiet in the opening games, caught fire and led his team to a 9-6 halftime lead.
It got even scarier for ENCE after the break as they got completely locked down by the G2 defense who only allowed "Snappi" and co. a single round.

Down by a map "Spinx" saw to it that ENCE got off on the right foot on the T-side of their pick: Ancient. With some individual heroics, the soldiers of ENCE took five rounds in succession to start the map. G2 managed to put a stop to the flurry of rounds that ENCE were finding, as star duo "huNter-" and NiKo" had had enough. ENCE held a tiny 8-7 lead at halftime.
The two contenders, by way of long winstreaks, kept going back and forth in momentum, and after 30 rounds not a single round separated the teams and the match went into OT. G2, who had found map point in regulation, were overrun in overtime as ENCE finally showed just how strong they can be on this map.

Mirage was chosen as the tiebreaker of this matchup between the world's #3 and #6, and after ending the last map on a bit of a low note, G2 started Mirage on a high one. The "Aleksib"-led squad grabbed seven of the first eight rounds but spearheaded by "dycha", ENCE clawed themselves back to a 7-8 half.
"dycha" kept up the high level after the break and secured a couple of rounds for ENCE early on, but after getting their economy broken, the team decided to force-buy several rounds in a row without any measurable success. G2 ended the map at 16-9 after a seven-round winstreak.

G2 join Vitality as the first teams to go through from the Challengers Stage, while ENCE will have to go through another Bo3 tomorrow.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

ENCE - G2 1-2 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

7-16 (Dust2) | m0NESY - 1.91 Rating / 27-10 K-D / 109.7 ADR

19-16 (Ancient) | Spinx - 1.54 Rating / 37-23 K-D / 110.9 ADR

9-16 (Mirage) | Aleksib - 1.64 Rating / 22-13 K-D / 102.3 ADR

MVP: Nikola "NiKo" Kovač - 1.36 Rating / 72-49 K-D / 91.1 ADR

Interesting scoreline: Olek "hades" Miskiewicz - 0.58 Rating / 28-57 K-D / 42.8 ADR

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