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G2 go 2-0 After Nailbiter Vs. Team Spirit

Overtime was needed after Team Spirit's crazy comeback!

The first match of the second round saw 1-0 teams G2 and Spirit go to battle. Both the Russian squad and the International roster dominatingly won their first matchup 16-6, and now had to duel for the chance to start the Major 2-0.

The teams traveled to the battlegrounds of Dust2 and were trading rounds back and forth in the early stages of the game. G2 then finally found their footing, and the Bosnian duo of "NiKo" and "huNter-" made life very hard for the Spirit squad, which resulted in an 11-4 half.

G2 quickly established themselves after the break but were suddenly met with heavy resistance from the Russians as both "magixx", and "Patsi" stepped up. After being down 14-4, Team Spirit went on an enormous 11-1 streak to push the game into overtime.
G2 managed to take a round on their T-side in OT, and swept their CT-side, meaning that the comeback dreams of Team Spirit were crushed and G2 go 2-0 in the opening round.

Highlight of the Bo1-series:

G2 - Team Spirit 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

19-17 (Dust2) | flag Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač - 1.22 Rating / 30-22 K-D / 85.2 ADR

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