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Former Liquid icon jdm64: If Counter-Strike 2 comes, I’m making a comeback

It looks like we might get the chance to see the 32-year-old AWPer in action again.

The Counter-Strike world may soon welcome back a true icon to the competitive scene with Josh "jdm64" Marzano opening up about a potential comeback.

Because in a Tweet yesterday evening, the former Liquid and Team Envy AWPer declared that if Counter-Strike launches its rumoured Counter-Strike 2 version then he will return to the server, nearly three years after his retirement.

The revival of jdm64 could actually happen before we even know it as some individuals have found several indications of the creation of a new Counter-Strike. Read more about that in the article below.

A different icon

Throughout his career, jdm64 has played for several notable teams and has achieved a great deal of success in competitive play. He has competed in numerous high-profile tournaments, both domestically and internationally with the second place at ESL One Cologne in 2016 being his biggest result.

However, what jdm64 is most known for is undoubtedly his uncharacteristic sitting position and posture while playing CS:GO. With an extremely laid-back - in what nearly looks like a sleeping position - jdm64 has won a lot of the fans and spectators’ hearts.

Watch him talk about his “lounging” way of playing in the video down below.

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