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FaZe dominate Ninjas in Pyjamas

A easy task for FaZe who took down Ninjas in Pyjmas in a quick 2-0 victory.

FaZe secured their second win at the event after winning 2-0 over Ninjas in Pyjamas in the upper bracket semi-final. The Mixed European team with K0nfig on the line-up stood no chance against the better team from FaZe who dominated the Ninjas

Starting things off on Overpass, FaZe came out pressing the speeder to the absolute limit as they controlled the game in every aspect. Despite Overpass being the map pick of NIP, FaZe won the first half 12-3. Despite NIP trying their best to make the comeback, FaZe led by ropz was quick to close out the game on the T side. FaZe won Overpass 16-9.

On Ancient, it's fair to say that Ninjas in Pyjamas got demolished. A quick match that only took FaZe half an hour to secure their second win of the event. With all five players of FaZe playing great CS, Ninjas in Pyjamas saw things get out of hand as they only managed to get three rounds in total. FaZe won Ancient 16-3.

With the win over NIP, FaZe is now in the playoffs and will fight Vitality for a spot in the quarter-finals.

FaZe - Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 17

MVP: Robin 'ropz' Kool - 1.58 rating / 44-23 K-D / 104.2 ADR

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