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FaZe alone on top in the world rankings

The defending Major champions have distanced NAVI from the top.

On HLTV's world ranking, Finn "karrigan" Andersen and his teammates from FaZe are now again finding themselves with a nice gap down to NAVI on second place.

Yesterday's update to the rankings saw NAVI loose points in the race for the #1 spot on the world. NAVI is now on 785 points, which leaves them 215 points behind FaZe. The gap between the two teams were only 104 points last week.

Team Liquid is occupying third place on the rankings, while Astralis and Movistar Riders are the two last teams in top five. The rankings have not yet taken the results from ESL Pro League into account but only the results of each match played, where Astralis did not manage to qualify for the playoffs.

The biggest jump in the top 30 is Complexity, who crawled nine places to the #20 place.

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