Credit: Karl-Filip Karlsson and Pinnacle

f0rest on new-look Fnatic: It’s a good mixture of players

The Swedish veteran touches on Fnatic's new roster and how it is standing in at his former team.

This week Fnatic announced the first signings of their rebuild with the transfer of Fredrik “roeJ” Jørgensen and Nico “nicoodoz” Tamjidi. However, the Swedes didn’t manage to find a fifth member before the start of Pinnacle Cup Championships, which meant that Patrick “f0rest”Lindberg had to stand in at the $250.000 event.

Here Fnatic and f0rest were able to take down the favorites from Heroic in the opening round. Afterward, f0rest gave an interview discussing the new Fnatic squad.

I think they have found a good mixture of players for sure. They have the old guard in KRIMZ holding down the fort and then there are the news guys in roeJ, nicoodoz and mezii. So yeah, I think they have built a solid foundation to work on. I’m happy for them.

You can watch the entire interview with f0rest in the video below.

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