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Pley of the Day: mezii shut down Eternal Fire with 4 AK kills to hit match point for his team

fnatic’s mezii proves to be a force to be reckoned with as he shuts down Eternal Fire’s attempt to take B-site on Overpass.

In an intense match between fnatic and Eternal Fire at the ESL Pro League Season 17, fnatic’s captain, mezii, delivered a wonderful performance with an impressive play that broke down XANTARES and company. With the game at 14-13 in favor of fnatic, Eternal Fire attempted to take the B-site of Overpass, but they had not accounted for the skills of mezii.

Positioned perfectly on the side of the smoke on short, mezii took down four of Eternal Fire’s players with precision and quick reflexes. The fnatic IGL calmly waited for his opponents to pass through the smoke before striking his shots and shutting down their attempt to take the site.

This incredible play by mezii was a game-changer as it secured match point for fnatic, giving them a huge advantage. Eventually, Eternal Fire managed to push the game into overtime, but there, mezii and company kept composure and closed out the match with a 19-15 victory.

Watch mezii’s 4k right here:  

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