CSGO, Vertigo

Credit: Valve

Pley of the day: SICK RUNBOOST on Vertigo!

Kayler is the man behind our #POTD!

During the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2023, 9INE took upon Fnatic in the quarter-finals of the event. Two teams who recently haven't been playing their best Counter-Strike.

Despite the recent poor performance, both teams fought their absolute best to keep the semi-final dream alive. A close encounter between the two teams saw 9INE run with the victory after they managed to close out the game on Nuke. On the first map of the series 9INE dominated the fnatic side, and among all the great plays 9INE pulled off, there was one play that stands out as the #POTD. 9INE uses the run boost on Vertigo to secure two opening fags and secure the round win.

Watch 9INE use the run boost to perfection right here:

9INE won the series 2-1 over fnatic after three close maps. Read more about the series in the article below:

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