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ENCE to the Grand Final over FURIA

A standout performance on Nuke from the stand-in "Snax"!

A spot in the Grand Final was the prize when ENCE faced FURIA at IEM Dallas. Two very different maps were played, and in the end, it was ENCE who came out on top.

FURIA started strong on their pick of Vertigo. They grabbed themselves a 4-0 T-side lead but ran into a brick wall as soon as ENCE consistently had rifles available. The European squad went on a 10-1 run to end the half, while not really getting challenged by a more-than-usually passive FURIA.
The CT side treated the Brazilians a lot better, and they seemed to have found their groove. Unfortunately so had "Maden" who had some massive impact rounds which gave ENCE the slight advantage they needed to just barely take the map.

"Snax" had the hot hand in the first half of Nuke. While ENCE did not win the first half, the Polish stand-in was the heavy hitter that gave them a very respectable seven rounds at halftime.
The second half was very grim for the Brazilians who did not seem to have an answer for the ENCE defense. They only managed to win a single round, wherein you might say that they got a little lucky. ENCE safely secured the map and are headed to the Grand Final

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

ENCE - FURIA 2-0 | IEM Dallas 2022

16-14 (Vertigo) | Maden - 1.25 Rating / 23-18 K-D / 79.3 ADR

16-9 (Nuke) | Snax - 1.62 Rating / 27-15 K-D / 110.8 ADR

MVP: Pavle "Maden" Bošković - 1.19 Rating / 38-36 K-D / 80.7 ADR

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