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ENCE best BIG in close opening match

One of the most CT dominant series in recent times!

The opening match for ENCE at BLAST Premier Spring Final had BIG on the menu. The result was two long games where neither team ever really got it going on the T side.

The Bo3 kicked off on BIG's pick of Mirage, but the Germans did not get the start they had hoped for. A dismal performance on the T side only netted them two rounds at the half.
In an extremely surprising turn of events, BIG, led by 'tiziaN', managed to turn the game on its head and make a historic comeback. Down eleven rounds at the break, the Germans managed to force the game into overtime, and even had the lead at 14-13. The fairytale story was not to be though, as ENCE comfortably won overtime 4-1.

The dominant CT sides continued as the teams traveled to Nuke. With an early 9-0 run from BIG, the Germans got a good foothold in the match. ENCE made the best of a bad situation and secured four rounds at halftime, making a comeback doable, though doubtful as 'tabseN' was firing on all cylinders.
What had been an almost CT-only series continued with ENCE in the role of the defenders. The 'Snappi'-led squad managed to turn a seven-round deficit into a 16-13 win, and thereby took the series 2-0.

ENCE - BIG 2-0 | BLAST Premier Spring Finals - Lisbon

19-16 (Mirage) | tiziaN - 1.32 Rating / 31-25 K-D / 95.9 ADR

16-13 (Nuke) | tabseN - 1.45 Rating / 27-18 K-D / 101.0 ADR

MVP: Johannes "tabseN" Wodarz - 1.38 Rating / 58-42 K-D / 99.2 ADR

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