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EliGE on the impact of YEKINDAR: He has given me more confidence

Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski had nothing but praises towards his team captain Mareks “YEKINDAR” Galinskis.

Many would have expected Team Liquid’s mood to be down after they failed to make the Champions Stage at the IEM Rio Major, and fell short at the BLAST Fall Finals. But, the bond between the players could not be stronger. The optimism across the team is high, and as the team prepares to finish off 2022 on a high note in Abu Dhabi at the BLAST World Final, Liquid’s EliGE has nothing but positive things to say about the squad.

In an interview with Monster Energy, the 25-year-old American especially praised the team captain, YEKINDAR, who according to EliGE has helped him a lot with his individual skills and also becoming aware of his strengths and weaknesses. EliGE also talked about his other teammates, the structure within the team, and overall long-term success.

“I think YEKINDAR has helped a lot with structure, but is also helping with individual skills. He has definitely given me more confidence because I feel like I lost my way a little bit at the end of the second half of last year up to the first half of this year. I felt like I was losing my identity as a player, like what my strengths are and weren’t. Through the work of my sports psychologist Jared Tendler and Mareks [YEKINDAR] as well, there's been a lot of things I’ve had to work on to get back to my previous confidence of how I used to do things. Especially with having Mareks, he's such a good influence on me because he works in a similar way I do. So, I think there are so many positives to this team that just need to be shown more. We just keep working harder, and we’ve been working so hard this second half of the year.”

You can read the full interview with EliGE right here.

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