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Complexity and Renegades books their spot at IEM Cologne - OG is out!

Both teams had to work hard for their ticket to the main event.

In the final elimination match before IEM Cologne, Complexity, OG, LDLC, and Renegades fought for only two tickets.

On Dust2 the French roster from LDLC gave Complexity a hard time and had the game tied at 13-13 with a superb ace from Ali "hAdji" Hainouss. But then Complexity pulled through and secured the map. The momentum was carried over to Mirage, where the deadly Danish duo of blameF and k0nfig blasted through the French defense to win the map comfortably 16-6.

Renegades was set with the task of eliminating OG, who before the tournament was mentioned as an outsider for the title. But against the Australians, OG came short. The match started on Nuke, where Renegades had a 100% win rate in the last three months. The streak continued against OG. It was especially Renegades' CT-side that made the difference in the 16-11 victory. A crazy "VAC" shot from Alistair "aliStair" Johnston played a key part in the lead for the Australians.

On Inferno, the match was all tied at 15-15. In overtime, OG came short and lost 19-15, and is now out of IEM Cologne before the main event has started. Renegades is through to the main event which kicks off tomorrow.

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