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Complexity are back on track at EPL!

blameF and his troops closed out the series 2-0 against Sinners after a very tense game on Nuke.

Complexity have won their first match at ESL Pro League S14 following a 2-0 victory over Sinners on Vertigo (16-12) and Nuke which turned into a real thriller (16-14). Benjamin “blameF” Bremer finished as series MVP and delivered an incredible performance on both maps to help his team wrap up the series.

Vertigo: 16-12 | poizon – 1.51 Rating – 100.4 ADR – 27-20 K/D
Nuke: 16-14 | blameF – 1.36 Rating – 76.0 ADR – 19-15 K/D


Benjamin “blameF” Bremer – 1.38 Rating – 88.6 ADR – 81.0% KAST – 44-31 K/D

Sinners’ pick of Vertigo served as the starting point of the series, with blameF quickly starting to frag out as he delivered a perfect P250 4k for his team in the pistol round, inspiring a victory for his team early on. After that, blameF and company continued to rack up rounds, taking a 8-2 lead as Sinners couldn’t build up their defense in the right way. Eventually Sinners did cobble together a few rounds to end the half 6-9. NEOFRAG and company came out better looking on the T-side and managed to equalize the score. But as soon as Complexity started to find their footing on the CT-side, Sinners couldn’t break through Complexity’s defense, resulting in a 16-12 map victory for blameF’s troops.

Complexity wrapped up the series 2-0 after a very intense game on Nuke, which took 30 rounds to find the winner. Even though Complexity won an impressive 8 rounds on the T-side, Sinners didn’t let them take the victory that easily, as they grinded their way up to equalize the score 13-13. Unfortunately for Sinners, Complexity won an important low buy round that helped them close out the map 16-14.

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