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Complexity advance from Group B after 2-1 victory

Are Complexity finally finding their groove?

The ESL Challenger February 2022 event is reaching its end in the group stage. With only one spot left in the playoffs at the event, it all came down to this last Bo3-series in Group B between HEET and Complexity Gaming. The French roster of HEET were the heavy favorites going into the Bo3-series, seeing that the new-look Complexity Gaming have struggled with their start to the 2022 season. Despite HEET being the favorites, however, it was Complexity to prove themselves the stronger roster on the day. Three close and intense maps concluded with a 2-1 victory to the North American Complexity roster. The 2-1 victory sees Complexity advancing at the event alongside FURIA from Group B.

The first map was the choice of HEET and saw the two rosters begin their battle on Vertigo. The decision to pick Vertigo pointed toward a confident HEET roster going into the Bo3-series. Whilst the map is undoubtedly one of, if not the best map in HEET’s arsenal, it is also a map that Complexity have proven themselves more than competent on. The fact that both teams were comfortable going into the first map of the Bo3-series showed. Complexity started the strongest on their CT-side and managed to pick up a 10-5 lead going into the second half. However, the CT-side of HEET was just as potent as the one of Complexity, and overtime was needed to find the winner. Finishing what they couldn’t in regulation time, Complexity were able to claim Vertigo at the scoreline of 19-16.  

The map pick of Complexity came to be Ancient. Whereas HEET had picked into their own strengths it was clear the choice of Ancient was a pick that played into the weaknesses of Complexity’s opponent. It was also Complexity to start their map pick the strongest. Whilst it was far from a one-sided affair, the North American side managed to secure an 8-7 scoreline going into their CT-side of Ancient. Despite their strong performance on their T-side, however, Complexity struggled with defending against the French boys of HEET. The back-and-forth battle ultimately swayed the way of HEET and at the scoreline of 16-12, Ancient was theirs to take home.

The third and final map was, of course, Inferno. Being infamous for its close brawls and being the perfect third map in any Bo3-series, it was no surprise that the close match between HEET and Complexity was to end here. It was HEET to carry over the momentum from Ancient and start Inferno with relentless aggression on their T-side. It wasn’t until the French had gained an impressive 9-1 lead that Complexity finally woke up. Despite Complexity clawing themselves back a handful of rounds, it was still HEET to go to halftime with an 11-4 lead. All HEET had to do at this point was to finish what they had started. This, however, was not as easy as it sounded. Complexity shifted into gear and began piling on the pressure. A remarkable comeback came to fruition as Complexity won 12 consecutive rounds and closed out Inferno at the scoreline of 16-11.

Highlight of the BO3-series

Complexity – HEET (2-1) | ESL Challenger February 2022

19-16 (Vertigo) | FaNg – 1.50 Rating / 37-21 K-D / 103.0 ADR

16-12 (Ancient) | afro – 1.48 Rating / 27-17 K-D / 100.5 ADR

16-11 (Inferno) | junior – 1.52 Rating / 25-16 K-D / 86.5 ADR


Justin ”FaNg” Coakley | 1.32 Rating / 82-59 K-D / 96.3 ADR

ESL Challenger February 2022 update

As well as finding out what team would advance from Group B alongside FURIA, we were also presented with a brawl for the last advancing spot in Group A. To fight for the spot was 9z and Movistar Riders. Posting an upset, it was the South American roster of 9z to claim victory and advance to the playoffs alongside from Group A.

The four remaining teams at the ESL Challenger February 2022 event are as follows:



  • 9z

  • Complexity Gaming

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