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Cloud9 run over FURIA in ESL Pro League

The North-American squad dominated FURIA out of the server and secured a 2-0 series victory.

The Colossus is finally here!

Cloud9 have secured another three points in the Group C following a confident 2-0 victory over the Brazilians from FURIA that ended the Brazilians’ unbeaten streak. The North-American squad are now sitting on a third place in the group with 6 points like s1mple and company from NAVI.

Overpass: 16-6|mezii – 1.62 Rating – 88.6 ADR – 20-8 K/D
Nuke: 16-1|ALEX – 2.27 Rating – 138.6 ADR – 27-8 K/D

The series started on Cloud9’s pick of Overpass where we saw a great showing from the North-American squad. Cloud9 took the map 16-6 over the Brazilians in a dominant manner with mezii on top of the scoreboard with a rating of 1.62.

The North-American squad continued their good form on FURIA’s pick of Nuke and completely dominated them out of the server, 16-1. Cloud9’s captain stood out on the second map with a 2.27 Rating and 1.59 KPR, leading the charge for his team.

MVP: Alex “ALEX” McMeekin – 1.69 Rating – 103.6 ADR – 42-23 K/D

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