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Cloud9 breeze past Astralis in Group B winners' match

The CIS squad secure a place in the quarter-finals of Roobet Cup!

The winners' match of Group B saw the CIS squad of Cloud9 clash with the Danes of Astralis. The win was never really in doubt for Cloud9, who only needed two quick maps to secure the victory.

The first map of Overpass never really managed to get exciting as Cloud9 was utterly dominant from start to finish. Not only were they the best team on the server, but they had the far-and-above best player as well in 'HObbit'. The veteran of the C9 roster did whatever he wanted on Overpass which left the Danes with no answers for how to stop him.

The teams moved on to Mirage, and as the battleground changed, so did the narrative. While Cloud9 did win the first-half T side, Astralis were much more competitive and the constant threat of 'Farlig' gave them seven rounds to work with at halftime.
Unfortunately, the infamous troublesome Astralis T side got the better of the Danes once again, and it didn't help them that 'sh1ro' was going bananas. Cloud9 secured every single second-half round and swiftly brushed aside the Danes.

Cloud9 - Astralis 2-0 | Roobet Cup 2022

16-7 (Overpass) | HObbit - 1.94 Rating / 29-11 K-D / 125.7 ADR

16-7 (Mirage) | sh1ro - 1.74 Rating / 27-12 K-D / 115.2 ADR

MVP: Dmitry 'sh1ro' Sokolov - 1.63 Rating / 47-23 K-D / 101.5 ADR

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