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Astralis knocks out Complexity at IEM Cologne Play-in

The Danes won a comfortable win against Complexity, who is now out of the tournament.

In the elimination match between Astralis and Complexity, it was the Danes, who came out on top.

Astralis had earlier today lost 6-16 to 00Nation to put them at risk of elimination already on day 1 at IEM Cologne Play-in. But against Complexity there was never really any doubt of the result in the match. It started on Overpass, a map that Complexity had defeated Astralis on last week at Roobet Cup. But today the Danes came much better prepared and had no trouble winning the map 16-10.

On Nuke the result was pretty much the same. Complexity did put up a fight, but in the end, there was nothing to do for the NA roster, who are on a dreadful streak of now ten losses in a row.

Astralis will live to fight another day at the tournament and will face BIG tomorrow for a spot in the group stage of IEM Cologne.

Complexity - Astralis 0-2 | IEM Cologne Play-in

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