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apEX: "They were much better than us"

We spoke with the IGL of Vitality shortly after their defeat against Natus Vincere

The Grand Final between Natus Vincere and Vitality showcased just how dangerous the NaVi beast can be once unleashed. A great performance from young "b1t" and "s1mple" playing up to his name meant a tough defeat for the French and Danish roster of Vitality. However, despite a long stint of bumpy performances from the star-studded roster of Vitality, they made it to the Grand Final after a phenomenal victory against G2 in the Semi-finals.

We spoke with the passionate IGL of Vitality "apEX" and he put some words on their brawl against an in-form Natus Vincere opponent:

"They were much better than us. Nothing much to say, they were just the way better team today. We tried, it wasn't our day, but when you play such a NaVi, if you have a day off you get stomped and that's what happened."

When asked if there is anything to build upon after such a tough defeat, the passionate French IGL was positive about the future of Vitality:

"When you get stomped like that, I'm not gonna lie they were just much better so I'm not even mad or whatever. We made a lot of progress this tournament... I will only remember the results we made and not the final."

All in all a great performance from Vitality at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 concluded with a tough loss, but a loss that was difficult to do anything about if you ask "apEX". When playing against a NaVi on that kind of level there are no teams that can keep up:

"They played pretty fast and pretty good individually. They were giving us so many headshots and they were just the better team no matter what... I they hit that many headshots I don't think any team can counter them, because that was crazy."

To hear more about what "apEX" had to say about the loss against Natus Vincere in the Grand Final, you can watch the entire exclusive interview down below:

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