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apEX: He’s like a small ZywOo

The IGL is pleased with his new teammate saying that he’s very talented.

Vitality played some of their best CS in a long time in yesterday’s victory against Heroic, and it was therefore also a very happy apEX who spoke with the analyst desk at IEM Beijing. The French IGL praised his new teammate Nabil "⁠Nivera⁠" Benrlitom and the great impact the young player had on Inferno after sitting out on the first two maps.

“Nivera stepped up on Inferno. This guy is really talented and he’s like a small ZywOo. He’s insane and just really hungry to play more and more and today he showed up today.”

Watch the young Belgian nearly pull off an ace 24th round of Inferno.

apEX further explains that Nivera adds some depth to the French team regarding playstyle but also their map pool due to Nivera being an immense Inferno player.

“Inferno on CT has been really hard for us for a few months because we never had this B-player that ZywOo is right now. And now when we found out that Nivera can play the AWP on A-site, it’s much easier for us to play Inferno.”

Nivera last 5 map ratings:

1.31 vs Heroic 16-12 (Inferno)

1.47 vs MAD Lions 16-8 (Inferno)

1.13 vs Spirit 16-11 (Inferno)

1.45 vs BIG 16-12 (Inferno)

1.33 vs BIG 16-12 (Dust2)

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