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apEX after beating Astralis: Nothing special

Hear the Vitality in-game leader discuss yesterday’s win and the progress within the French/Danish mix.

Yesterday at the opening day at PGL Major Antwerp, Vitality took on four-time Major winners from Astralis in a fierce Bo1 series. The matchup was the first time Magisk and dupreeh stood in front of their old team after joining Vitality in January this year.

Ending up with the bragging rights, was the two experienced riflers as they overwhelmed Astralis with a 16-8 victory. Something, Vitality captain, Dan “apEX” Madesclaire believes was “nothing special”.

In the post-match interview with PGL, apEX also touches on Vitality’s progress as a roster after the significant rebuild going into 2022.

Combining and finding a new identity has been one of the hardest things we have ever done. But it’s really fun and I just love the process. (…) We’re starting to find our identity, we understand each other, and we know how to work together more and more.

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