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Vitality Take Down Astralis despite blameF's Heroic Performance

What looked like a close match ended up with a lopsided result.

So many storylines were present when the Danish Astralis and the French/Danish Vitality butted heads in the last match of day 1. It was the first time that "dupreeh" and "Magisk" went against their old team, who they went through so much with. It was two teams who had been struggling recently despite massive potential and expectations. On top of that, they had destroyed their first opponents earlier in the day, Vitality winning 16-1, and Astralis 16-2.

The teams took to the grounds of Mirage to decide this Bo1, a map that both teams have a history of struggling on.
The two powerhouses were neck-and-neck in the early stages of the first half with "blameF" taking heads for the defense of Astralis, and "misutaaa" being an unstoppable force on the offense. Vitality managed to go on a five-round streak towards the end of the half and ended it with a small lead of 9-6.

As soon as Vitality hit the CT-side, "ZywOo" stepped up in a big way and as a result, the French/Danish mix started pulling away from their opponents. "blameF" was still doing damage, but the rest of his team had a hard time keeping up and as a result, Vitality ended up running away with the map.

Highlight of the Bo1-series:

Astralis - Vitality 0-1 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

8-16 (Mirage) | blameF - 1.71 Rating / 25-12 K-D / 117.2 ADR

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