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VINI: We are trying to find our Major form again

"VINI" from Imperial had a little talk with us after being defeated in their opening match

Few teams, if any, can be said to be as experienced as the current Imperial roster. With the average age being quite a bit older than your regular CS:GO roster, as well as carrying some of the biggest names in CS:GO's history on the roster, Imperial has plenty of experience to draw upon in tough situations.

The experienced Brazilians of Imperial, however, did not manage to start their IEM Cologne campaign with success. A tough 16-6 loss to Outsiders meant that the Brazilians had to see themselves bested in their opening match of IEM Cologne Play-In. We talked with "VINI" after the loss, and despite the tough defeat to Outsiders he remained optimistic that they just need to find their "Major form" once again:

"We are trying to find our form again, the Major form. I think we can do that tomorrow."

To hear more from the always-optimistic "VINI", take a look at our exclusive interview with him after their game at IEM Cologne Play-In, posted down below:

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