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Video: Watch Stavn get 49 kills in ONE match!

The Danish Superstar destroys his opponents in Faceit.

Martin "stavn" Lund shows once again why he is considered one of the best Counter-Strike players at the moment. In recent years, the 20-year-old rifler has been a key player to Heroic´succes. The young star took his team to second place during the IEM Rio Major 2022 and helped his team Heroic to win their first trophy of 2022 at BLAST Premier Fall Final on home ground.

Since the break stavn has been grinding Faceit. During a Faceit match on Ancient "stavnmagi" showed off his impressive skills as he got 49 kills in one match. The young Dane secured the victory for his team in a 24-28 thriller.

Stavn´s stat line from Ancient: 49 Kills / 9 Assist / 36 Deaths / 0.96 K/R / 1.38 K/D / 44% HS.

Watch all the highlights from stavn´s 49 bomb in the video below:

Stavn and the rest of Heroic will be competing against the world's best when BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 kicks off in Copenhagen from Jan 19th - Jan 29th.

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