Video: Watch NiKo's insane CT half against Imperial

G2's superstar went ballistic on Ancient going 30-4 in one half alone!

It was probably one of the all-time best performances in a single half that we witnessed yesterday in the first half of Ancient between Imperial and G2.

Here Nikola 'NiKo' Kovač delivered a lights-out performance going 30-4 in K-D! He was rated 3.03 by HLTV! His insane half gave G2 a big push toward victory with a 12-3 lead at the break. G2 won Ancient 16-7, with NiKo finishing on a 35-10 K-D score and a 2.33 rating.

We edited all his kills out from the first half. Watch it here.

G2 is ready for the Semi-Finals of BLAST Spring Finals, where they will face the winner of Vitality vs FaZe tomorrow in Washington.

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