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Video: Sneaky silent drop by ropz leaves F1KU confused

Watch the Estonian pull off a sneaky play on Mirage to break OG’s momentum.

Today, at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals event in Copenhagen, Denmark, FaZe Clan took down OG in their opening match to advance to the upper final of the event.

After dominating OG out of the server with a 16-3 scoreline on Ancient, the series moved to FaZe’s pick of Mirage where karrigan’s troops once again secured a comfortable victory (16-6) to put an end to the match.

On Mirage, we saw FaZe’s Estonian superstar, Robin “ropz” Kool pull off a rather unusual sneaky drop close to A-ramp, which left OG’s F1KU completely confused before getting killed. His sneaky silent drop near the A ramp caught F1KU off guard as he didn’t hear a single noise and got killed with a grenade in his hand while jiggle peeking ramp to see if anyone would cross.

The Estonian’s kill on F1KU helped FaZe Clan secure their first round on the map and give them the confidence to start putting pressure on OG’s defense and their economy as well.

Watch the sneaky silent drop right here:

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