Credit: Heroic

Video: sjuush destroys OG with Auto Sniper!

Watch the Heroic rifler display how to use the powerful weapon in the server.

“The pricy G3SG1 lowers movement speed considerably but compensates with a higher rate of fire than other sniper rifles.” - Official description of the Auto Sniper (G3SG1)

The Auto Sniper is one of the most unused weapons on the competitive CS:GO scene, also being a weapon that has turned into a meme in the community. However, that doesn't stop Heroic's Rasmus "sjuush" Beck from lighting up the server with the pricy $5000 investment in his hands.

You can watch the live match from ESL Pro League between Heroic and OG down below. The score is 1-0 in Heroic's favour after a 16-6 victory on Mirage - Train is next!

[link:{"url":"","text":"Live match: OG vs Heroic "}]

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