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Video: Insane s1mple AWP ace

The GOAT of Counter-Strike shocks Fluxo at BLAST Premier Fall Finals.

NAVI took on Fluxo in their first match at BLAST Premier Fall Finals. Dust2 where the map picked by the Brazillian team Fluxo. Up 12-10 on their own map pick, Fluxo looked comfortable playing against some of the world's best, but then the devil himself showed once again why is he the number one in the world. With the AWP in his hands, s1mple takes down five players of Fluxo to take the round and the victory in the end 16-14.

Check out this impressive ace from s1mple:

NAVI will be taking on Liquid in a winner's advance to the semi-finals, and the losing team proceeds to the quarter-finals.

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