NAVI secure opening victory over Fluxo at Fall Finals |

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NAVI secure opening victory over Fluxo at Fall Finals

s1mple and company kick off their BLAST Premier Fall Finals campaign with a 2-0 victory over the Brazilian squad from Fluxo.

Natus Vincere handed the only Brazilian squad in the BLAST Premier Fall Finals event a 2-0 loss this Wednesday. With the victory, NAVI goes through to the Upper final where they will take upon the winner of Liquid vs. G2, while Fluxo will have to fight for their tournament lives in the Lower final against the loser of the match.

The action started on Fluxo’s map pick of Dust2, where the Brazilians showed up with some good attacks early on. But against a team like NAVI, it’s not just enough to start off the round well as s1mple and company always make sure to stay on their front foot, even in the toughest situations. NAVI took the first half with an 8-7 scoreline, but the Brazilian squad turned it into 8-11 in their favor by taking control of the game on the CT-side. From here, NAVI fought their way back on the scoreboard and tied the game at 12-12, before the two teams traded rounds back and forth, with s1mple and company eventually closing out things 16-14 in the end.

On Mirage, the second map and last map of the series, Fluxo kicked off things on the right foot and took a 4-2 lead on the CT-side. However, mistakes by the Brazilians ended up costing them the lead, as NAVI turned the score around and started to dominate the half, storming to a 10-5 advantage. The Brazilians hoped to turn the tables on the attacking side after winning the pistol, but unfortunately for them, NAVI’s retakes were on point and the Ukrainian-Russian squad made it impossible for Fluxo to add more than two rounds to the scoreboard before s1mple closed out the series with a stellar 1v2 clutch.

NAVI vs. Fluxo 2-0 | BLAST Premier Fall Final

16-14 (Dust2) | s1mple – 1.32 Rating / 26-14 K-D / 76.2 ADR  
16-7 (Mirage) | b1t – 1.50 Rating / 22-14 K-D / 111.3 ADR


Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev – 1.35 Rating / 48-28 K-D / 84.7 ADR / 67.9% KAST

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