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Video: Imperial throw 1vs3 situation to win the match

The Brazilians were knocked down to the lower bracket after a disaster round on Overpass.

Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo and his men are still grinding tournaments in Europe after their stellar showing at the PGL Major in Antwerp. Everything did not go as planned in the $128,000 tournament, REPUBLEAGUE Season 3, where the Brazilians faced the Eastern European team Enterprise.

After winning a map each, the two teams fought on Overpass to lock in the win. Here Imperial was in the driver's seat leading 15-13 in the 29th round of the map. But despite planting the bomb in a 3vs1 situation, it was still Enterprise's Erik 'The eLiVe' Sith, who managed to clutch and secure his team the 14th point, which later on was converted to a map and match win after double overtime.

You can see the situation down below.

Imperial will get another chance at the tournament tomorrow, where they face forZe.

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