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Video: How to be an IGL with Aleksib

Learn how to become a great IGL from one of CS:GO's biggest brainiacs

Competing in CS:GO at the highest of levels require many different things from the players within a given roster. Of course, it is crucial that your team consists of great aimers and players who are very mechanically skilled, however, it takes much more than just raw aim to compete at the top of the tier-one scene in CS:GO.

A player that knows this better than most is the Finnish brainiac by the name of Aleksi "Aleksib" Virolainen. The 25-year-old In-game leader catapulted himself to the top of the scene with Finnish ENCE. Since the fall of ENCE, "Aleksib" has proven himself as one of the brightest minds in CS:GO with incredible mid-round calling and an ability to get the absolute best from his troops. After a somewhat failed spell at OG, the Finnish IGL made his move to G2 where he now captains one of the scariest looking rosters in the history of CS:GO.

In a video created by betway esports, the G2 IGL and brainiac goes through some of the crucial aspects of being an IGL for a tier-one CS:GO roster. Whether it be trying to remain calm in pressured situations or making sure that the communication between team members is on point, "Aleksib" has experienced it. Take a look and learn how to become a great In-game Leader from one of the best in the game:

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