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Video: How HooXi The GigaChad Really Plays CS:GO

Despite missing the major in Rio HooXi is still one of the fans' favorites.

Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen has both become a meme as well as the new IGL of G2, who recently fell short of qualifying for the Major in Rio. The 27-year-old IGL is currently one of the most spoken names in the CSGO community. In his recent performances for G2, the IGL has been slightly inconsistent which has led to some bad results for the G2 side.

HooXi is averaging 0.87 Rating / 0.50 Kills per round / 61.8 ADR the past three months. The stats are not impressive at all, but you have to give a new IGL some time. In this case, HooXi not only needs to adapt to the game style of G2 but also turn his communication to all English. HooXi is loved in the CSGO community, and we all hope that he will continue as the IGL of G2.

Check out this funny Youtube video about HooXi from "SuperstituM" right here:

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