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Video: How did coldzera pull off his 1v4 Deagle clutch?

The Brazilian superstar reacts to his incredible 1v4 Deagle clutch

Ever wondered how some of the professional players are able to pull off some of the things they do? In an interview with Betway Marcelo "coldzera" David explains everything that went through his head as he took down four players singlehandedly with nothing but the Desert Eagle and his phenomenal individual skillset.

When asked about how the clutch was even possible "coldzera" points towards the fact that it was an online BO3-series as a possible factor. Whilst there is no doubt about the FaZe player's capabilities he says that something like that would almost never happen at a LAN-event due to teams playing more cautiously and calculated.

Whether or not it was due to the game being played online, in oppose to at a LAN-event, it is certainly a real showcasing of the 26-year-old and his skillset and proof that anything can happen in a game of Counter-Strike. Take a look at the impressive 1v4 clutch and hear what "coldzera" has to say about the entire situation right here:

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