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Video: CSGOWild: The Scam That Got Away

Do you know how FaZe's CS:GO team got started?

In today's world skins are a major part of almost every multiplayer game. People mostly use them when they play games or collect them because of their rarity. But back in August of 2013 when skins were introduced to CS:GO in the Arms Deal Update a wave of online gambling sites and casinos were created as a result. This might seem harmless, but the owners had in many cases rigged the game in their favor.

In the video below content creator "Philion" explains how YouTubers "TMartN", and "ProSyndicate" and streamer "Phantoml0rd" were owners of their own casinos and scammed their viewers for millions of dollars. The owners of FaZe Clan ran the exact same con.

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