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Video: Aleksib comes up huge for G2 in 1v3 clutch

The former ENCE player saves his team with a solid clutch at IEM Dallas.

The Finish in-game leader Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen is recognized as one of Counter-Strike's brightest minds. However yesterday at IEM Dallas, the G2 captain also showed that he’s also very capable in his rifling skills.

In a tough 1v3 situation, Aleksib used his game awareness and strong aim to out-clutch three Movistar Riders players on the upper bombsite on Nuke.

Aleksib and company went on to win the opening round matchup against Movistar Riders with an impressive 16-5 score, with Aleksib averaging a stellar 1.74 Rating. In the next round at IEM Dallas, G2 ended up losing 2-0 to ENCE.

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