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Ukrainian domination at EPIC League CIS 2021

With most people being from Russia in the EPIC League CIS, you would have thought a that there would be Russian player in top 3, but no.

Three Ukrainian in the top three of best-rated players at the event so far, a perfect performance, especially by SENSEi who has played maybe the best event of his career.

Watch some highlights from SENSEi´s career here:

If you think of a Ukrainian superstar, it will forever be the man, the myth s1mple and of course, he is to be seen at the top of the ratings, only defeated by SENSEi.

Gambit has been outrageously good this year, but it seems like the gear has dropped a little in the last weeks, maybe the team needs a little break after all these tournaments.

But Gambit is playing against Nemiga, and possibly the stat sheet will be updated after this match.

Top 5 best-rated | EPIC League CIS

SENSEi – 1.44

s1mple – 1.34

sdy – 1.32

mir – 1.27

chopper – 1.26

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