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Top 3 pistol round teams of 2023

"NiKo" and his troops have been the most dangerous with pistols in 2023

It is probably not a secret that the pistol round is the most important round of an entire professional CS:GO map. Winning the pistol rounds will most likely mean an early advantage, both in terms of rounds on the board and confidence.

When it comes to pistol round conversion, some teams are simply just better than others. The 3 best pistol round teams among the top 30 teams of 2023 are:

  1. (EU) G2 - 59,3% both sides

  2. FORZE - 58,1% both sides

  3. BIG - 57,1% both sides

Whilst the absolute best pistol round player, "ZywOo" at an impressive rating of 1.72, belongs to neither of the abovementioned teams, it is no surprise that both G2 and BIG are in the top 3, as both teams are known for their impressive pistol rounds. Especially "m0NESY" and "NiKo" have helped G2 become the best pistol round team of 2023. The young AWP'er "m0NESY" has accumulated an average rating of 1.39 in pistol rounds, with talisman "NiKo" averaging 1.36.

Take a look at some of the greatest pistol round moments of 2023 in professional CS:GO:

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