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Today in CS:GO - Monday 30/5 - 2022

IEM Dallas is about to commence - Who will hit the ground running in the opening round?

Eight days after the conclusion of PGL Major Antwerp, it's time to initiate the next top-tier tournament in IEM Dallas. The $250.000 event will take place over the Atlantic in Dallas, Texas, and features a star-studded lineup of teams. Despite Heroic, NAVI, and Entropiq all being unable to travel to the United States, there will still be superstar teams in FaZe, G2, ENCE present.

The opening round will work as a Best-of-1 format, which is set to kick off at 18:00 (CET) this Monday.

IEM Dallas | Monday schedule (CET)

18.00: G2 – Movistar Riders (Bo1)

18.00: MOUZ – ENCE (Bo1)

19.10: FaZe – Encore (Bo1)

19.10: Astralis – Vitality (Bo1)

20.20: FURIA – Imperial (Bo1)

20.20: Liquid – Cloud9 (Bo1)

21.30: NIP – BIG (Bo1)

21.30: MIBR – Complexity (Bo1)

22.40: Group A Upper Bracket match (Bo3)

22.40: Group A Lower Bracket match (Bo3)

02.10: Group A Upper Bracket match (Bo3)

02.10: Group A Lower Bracket match (Bo3)

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