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Title-winning vlog: How FaZe became PGL MAJOR champions.

Follow FaZe behind the scenes in their Major title.

Posted on FaZe's own YouTube channel, the Americans offer a closer look into a day in the life of FaZe at the PGL Major in Antwerp with a title-winning vlog.

FaZe battled it out and defeated BNE, Cloud 9, CPHF, NIP, Spirit, and NAVI to bring home the Major championship. They have now won the first three tournaments of 2022 in a row. The win solidified the team's name in the history books, marking the first Major win for FaZe as well as any international team

This video features all the emotions and the best moments from the tournament that will go down in history. Enjoy the title-winning Vlog with the PGL Major 2022 champions right here:

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