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Thorin: "m0nesy is already better than b1t was when he joined NaVi"

CS:GO experts Thorin and Richard Lewis break down the disappointing G2 run at ESL Pro League Season 15

With Group C underway in ESL Pro League Season 15, a picture over the group stage is beginning to take form slowly but surely. One of the headlines, all be it a disappointing one, is G2's run at the event. Having to play the first three Bo3-series without their IGL in "Aleksib", external issues posted a challenge for the G2 roster, even before any games were to be played. G2 ended with just 6 points to their name and had to see themselves out of the event after ending the group stage in fifth place.

Despite the disappointing conclusion for G2, however, there were still some upsides to their performance at ESL Pro League Season 15. One of these was the performance from the newly signed super talent "m0nesy". Thorin states the following in regards to the young AWP'ers performance at the event and the exciting future for G2's newest addition:

"I would say in genereal m0nesy has been absolutely excellent. The only one reason I wouldn't go "he is a 10/10 rookie" is becuase we have had ZywOo and unfortunately ZywOo broke the meter for what a rookie can be. Put it this way, this guy is already better than b1t was when he joined NaVi. m0nesy has just hit the ground running immediately... He is a really good player and he looks like a really good AWP'er."

"m0nesy" ended ESL Pro League Season 15 with a solid 1.16 rating, however, their star player in "NiKo" failed to show up in the way we have come to expect from the Bosnian beast. "NiKo" ended the event with a 1.08 rating. Whilst it is a heavy responsibility to place on a single player's shoulder, the lackluster performance from "NiKo" is undoubtedly one of the reasons for G2's disappointing run. In addition to this, unfortunately for G2, there have been many external issues outside of the server due to the global pandemic and we are yet to see the roster operate under complete normality and order.

To hear more about what CS:GO experts Richard Lewis and Thorin had to say about G2's run, as well as many other topics regarding the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 15 event, you can watch the lengthy discussion in the video posted down below:

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