Team Liquid take down G2 at BLAST Premier Fall Final! |

Credit: BLAST Premier and Michal Konkol

Team Liquid take down G2 at BLAST Premier Fall Final!

The North Americans begin their BLAST Fall Final campaign with a 2-0 victory over G2.

YEKINDAR and company from Team Liquid secured the victory in their opening matchup at BLAST Premier Fall Final against G2, winning their opponents’ map pick of Vertigo (16-10) before closing out a nail-biter on Mirage (16-14). Liquid’s YEKINDAR racked up the most kills (48) on the server and played a big part in the victory, stepping up at crucial times for his team, especially on Mirage where he posted a 145.5 ADR in the second half.

The North American squad will now face NAVI in the Winners Match tomorrow at 19:00 (CET), while G2 will take upon Fluxo in an elimination match at 16:00 (CET).

Things began on G2’s map pick of Vertigo, which didn’t go quite well for NiKo and company. A couple of rounds where G2’s teamplay and timings didn’t go hand in hand ended up costing them too many rounds, making Team Liquid look like a squad that always was one step ahead. YEKINDAR and company went to halftime with a comfortable 9-6 lead and continued their good form on the CT-side by denying G2 any chance of making a comeback as they went on to secure the first map 16-10.

On Liquid’s map pick of Mirage, things were a bit different. Everything looked good for G2 in the first half after they bounced back from a 2-5 scoreline to go into halftime with a 9-6 lead. And even better when they secured the first three rounds on the second half to go up 12-6. But as Team Liquid’s economy started to build up, the problems started to show for G2’s T-side. Liquid found success in most of their retakes due to G2 standing in unlucky positions most of the time, while they were preparing for their setups. Liquid tied the score at 12-12, but G2 were doing everything in their power to come closer to map 3 by making it 14-12 on the back of some close rounds. After that, Liquid found success in yet another retake, and HooXi failed to kill the defuser in a crucial round which saw the game getting tied up once again, 14-14. Despite NiKo’s best efforts in a 3v5 situation, things ended up going the way of Team Liquid who closed out the series 16-14.

Team Liquid vs. G2 2-0 | BLAST Premier Fall Finals

Vertigo (16-10) | EliGE – 1.99 Rating / 31-11 K-D / 123.7 ADR / 88.5% KAST
Mirage (16-14) | YEKINDAR – 1.44 Rating / 29-21 K-D / 96.4 ADR / 70.0% KAST


Jonathan ”EliGE” Jablonowski – 1.33 Rating / 45-34 K-D / 96.4 ADR / 75.0% KAST

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