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Talented Swede was just playing CS:GO with his friends, until prominent team contacted him

Read the unusual story of Ludvig “HEAP” Alonso.

Dignitas announced in mid-October, that Ludvig “HEAP” Alonso was the fifth and last member of the legendary roster, consisting big names as the former major winners f0rest and friberg. HEAP, on the other hand, is a young and talented player, who weren’t known by the majority of the community, before signing for Dignitas.

Watch a beautiful 1v3 clutch by HEAP at Flashpoint 2.

HEAP has given an interview with Dignitas, describing his beginning at the Swedish team and how the transfer was a bit unconventional. The 20-year old player explains that he was very surprised when Dignitas contacted him on the huge esports platform called FACEIT.

“I was actually playing with my friends on a FACEIT stack and I got a friend request from vENdetta, Dignitas coach. I accepted him and he asked me if I wanted to play some FACEIT pugs with the Dignitas guys, and of course, I said yes! We played a few games, just played them normally like I always do and they said they wanted to try and play with me the next day, in real Practices. And yeah, we played some more days, got the offer, got the contract, and here we are!”

The young Swede continues and says:

“I knew who vENdetta was, so I was somehow expecting them to ask me questions, but I didn't expect to be playing right away... I mean, it's not normal for a coach to add you randomly!”

Read the entire interview with HEAP right here.


HEAP and Dignitas will take on fnatic on Tuesday in the Quarter-Finals at Flashpoint 2.

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