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BIG fails to qualify for RMR tournament - OG through in first attempt

The first out of four open qualifiers for the European RMR saw OG, Dignitas, AVE, and HEET secure their spot.

Over 700 teams attempted to make the cut, as the first open qualifiers for the European RMR event took place Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the round of 16, BIG lost to the Polish team Wisla Krakow, and will now have to try and qualify through the three remaining open qualifiers. Here OG, Dignitas, AVE, and HEET will not take part, as they secured their spot at the RMR event with a semi-final spot.

The four qualifiers ended the evening by determining seedings for the RMR event. Here HEET (former DBL Poney) won their way into a 1st place.

Result of #1 European RMR Open Qualifiers

1. HEET (Qualified)
2. AVE (Qualified)
3. OG (Qualified)
4. Dignitas (Qualified)
5th-8th: Team Spirit
5th-8th: B8
5th-8th: Wisla Krakow
5th-8th: Fnatic

The second open qualifiers will take place on Tuesday.

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