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cadiaN on f0rest: He can definitely play in a Top 10 team

Could you see the 34-year-old legend make a return to Tier-1 CS:GO?

When Patrick “f0rest” Lindberg decides to hang up his mouse he will without of doubt be remembered as one of Counter-Strike’s greatest players. However, it doesn’t look like the veteran Swede has thought about quitting in the near future, despite turning 34 on this very date.

His CS:GO colleague and opponent yesterday, Casper “cadiaN” Møller also had some very flattering words for the Fnatic stand-in.  

Even though f0rest had a tough time on Mirage against us, I think he showed some incredible Counter-Strike. I mean if he wants to work hard, he could definitely play in like a Top 10-15 team. Because he has the mechanical skills – but it’s up to him if he wants to or not, cadiaN said to the Pinnacle host.

In the post-match interview cadiaN also discussed the struggle some second-half on Overpass, where Heroic nearly dropped a 15-6 lead due to "rookie mistakes" from the Danes.

It happens once in a while for us on the T side that our spacing and movement between two players on a particular part of the map is too big. And that means they either multi-fragging us or they get one and then get away. That’s just rookie mistakes, to be honest. We have talked about it a lot, but it still happens once in a while. Just very plain and simple mistakes that should happen.

Watch the full interview with cadiaN down below.

On the sideline

f0rest is currently benched alongside the rest of Dignitas after the organization decicded to put the entire roster available for transfer in mid-May this year. And according to cadiaN, f0rest still has the skills to compete at the very top of CS:GO despite being one of the oldest players in the game. Where could he go next?

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