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Spirit takes down FaZe 2-0!

An inspired Russian roster managed to take a big scalp against FaZe.

There is still a long way to go for FaZe Clan. That became evident at today's match at DreamHack Masters Winther.

On Dust2 it was Team Spirit who dominated throughout the map. Winning their T-side with 9-6, it was the Russians who straight away took control in the second half. Team Spirit went from 6-6 to a 14-6 lead essentially giving them the map win. FaZe tried a comeback, but the mid-map deficit was too big to overcome.

On Mirage FaZe was done with getting bullied. They quickly established a 6-0 lead with most of the roster performing well.

Their Russian adversary was not done. Inspired by a knife kill by Mir, Team Spirit turned the match upside down.

The Russians came back and took a huge win against a stunned FaZe roster.

Spirit - FaZe 2-0 (16-11, 16-13).

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