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Best players on all maps in CS2

The biggest update to CS2 landed yesterday night, where the peeker's advantage was reduced according to the game developer, Valve.

Did Valve just release a “donk nerf”? The question was asked in the community after the recent update to CS2, where the advantage for peekers was heavily reduced.

Notes from the patch release:

·  Reduced peeker's advantage in many cases

·  The amount of peeker's advantage in the steady state is reduced by 16ms

·  Also reduced the frequency of situations that lead to very large peeker's advantage due to excessive command queue depth

donk domination

Team Spirit’s wonderkid Danil "donk" Kryshkovets has been the most prolific player in the new iteration of Counter-Strike. The Russian rifler has dominated the CS scene and blasted through the group stage of IEM Katowice with a staggering 1.62 rating. Other aggressive riflers such as İsmailсan "XANTARES" Dörtkardeş have also been delivering very high numbers in the past months since the release of the new game.

Tomorrow the playoffs at IEM Katowice will be played on the new update, which will give us an excellent insight into if the update has changed anything, or if we will continue to experience the domination from donk! In our list below, Team Spirit's rifler leads five out of the seven maps in ratings. Spirit always vetoes Inferno, which leaves Overpass as the only map, where Danil "donk" Kryshkovets has not been the best in the world since the release of CS2.

Best players on all maps in CS2 until the patch of 7th February.

(Filter: CS2, min. 5 maps – Top 50)


1. donk – 1.50 rating (17 maps)

2. ZywOo – 1.34 rating (6 maps)

3. XANTARES – 1.34 rating (6 maps)


1. donk – 1.36 rating (16 maps)

2. blameF – 1.33 rating (9 maps)

3. TruNiQ – 1.33 rating (5 maps)


1. donk – 1.49 rating (12 maps)

2. XANTARES – 1.40 rating (7 maps)

3. HEN1 – 1.40 rating (5 maps)


1. clax – 1.44 rating (5 maps)

2. ZywOo – 1.41 rating (9 maps)

3. m0NESY – 1.38 rating (5 maps)


1. juanflatroo – 1.39 rating (6 maps)

2. REZ – 1.34 rating (8 maps)

3. deko – 1.34 rating (8 maps)

20. donk - 1.20 rating (7 maps)


1. donk – 1.47 rating (7 maps)

2. m0NESY – 1.45 rating (6 maps)

3. ZywOo – 1.39 rating (5 maps)


1. donk – 1.36 rating (16 maps)

2. blameF – 1.33 rating (9 maps)

3. TruNiQ – 1.33 rating (5 maps)

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