Snappi, ENCE

Stephanie Lindgren - ESL

Snappi leads ENCE to first victory

On Ancient ENCE smashed Bad News Eagles.

Everything looked good for Bad News Eagles after the Challengers Stage. The Balkan team had surprised everyone again and gone 3-0. But on Day 1 of the Legends Stage, Rigon 'rigoN' Gashi and his men have been disappointing.

Both Spirit and ENCE were not afraid of facing BNE on what was supposed to be their best map. On Ancient, ENCE dominated hard on their CT side winning the first half 12-3.

With Bad News Eagles' fantastic CT stats in mind, that could have been enough to at least push the game to overtime. But ENCE quickly found the last four rounds to close off the game winning 16-7. A big win for ENCE, who had started the day losing to FURIA.

Bad News Eagles are now left with best of three matches to try and qualify for the playoffs. Both teams are back in action tomorrow.

ENCE – Bad News Eagles 1-0 | IEM Rio Major Legends Stage

16-7 (Ancient) | Snappi – 1.83 Rating / 25-14 K-D / 120.6 ADR

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