Snappi before the Champions Stage: I think we have a real shot at winning

We caught up with ENCE's in-game leader before the start of the Champions Stage.

On the streets of Antwerp, we met with ENCE's Danish Captain, Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer to talk about his experience at the Major so far.

- We are feeling good. I'm proud of the team. Inside our heads, the playoffs were a minimum. We didn't really want to say it beforehand because there were so many stages with the RMR, Challenger, and Legends Stage. But now we are here and we are satisfied with our performance so far. We went 3-1 in every stage, so I think we have been pretty convincing.

The in-game leader is currently preparing for a match against his fellow countrymen from Copenhagen Flames in the Quarter-Finals of this year's PGL Antwerp Major. A team that ENCE faced in the Legends Stage, where the Danes won. So is this a good or bad draw for ENCE?

- Flames are a good team. We have a good chance against them. In the best of one's they are like 14-1, so we are not the only team who lost to them. But we beat them in BLAST Showdown in a best of three, and I think we can do it here again. But they have been showing great CS and have been underrated for a long time. It is going to be a tough match, and we are definitely not underestimating them.

If ENCE makes it through to the Semi-Finals, they could potentially be facing NAVI. A matchup that doesn't seem to scare the 31-year-old Dane, who has big confidence in his own team, when asked to nominate the favorites for the tournament right now.

- I think the favorites are obviously NAVI and FaZe, but think we have a really good shot at winning, Snappi explains.

ENCE will play Copenhagen Flames tomorrow at 16.30 (CEST) at the Antwerps Sportpaleis.

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