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rain: the most dangerous entry fragger of 2022

The iconic FaZe member from Norway is relentless when it comes to getting opening kills

Whilst it is, more often than not, the final couple of kills that receive most of the praise from commentators and viewers following any given CS:GO brawl, the opening kills are just as important and sometimes even more so. Having a great entry fragger on your team is something that can elevate any given CS:GO roster to a completely different level. Luckily for FaZe, they have "rain".

The now 27-year-old Norwegian rifler has more than earned his stripes in the professional CS:GO scene and has proven his worth to FaZe numerous times. Whilst "rain" is not getting any younger it doesn't seem to affect his performance on the server, however. Having one of his best years with FaZe, the Norwegian has been a beast so far in 2022. Beating the likes of "NiKo" and "syrsoN", "rain" is currently the most successful at getting opening kills so far in 2022 (against top 20 teams).

Whilst "rain has proven himself a very useful entry fragger in "karrigan's" FaZe roster, the calm and collected rifler can do much more than just entry frag. Take a look at some of the many great highlights he has created throughout just this year of high-level competition:

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