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Pole ranked as one of the best of 2021

Paweł "dycha" Dycha's transfer to ENCE has proved to be a very good decision.

The new ENCE roster has had a good start to 2021 after three new international players were brought in to revive the Finnish giants.

The most significant transfer has been Poland's Paweł "dycha" Dycha. The riffler was benched at his former team Sprout, who wanted to create an all German lineup for the future. A decision that has proved to be ENCE's luck. Since his arrival at the Finnish Organization "dycha" has been unstoppable. In 2021 he is ranked as the third-best player in the world.

Among his best performances came in the match against Lyngby Vikings at the Sweet Snow Sweet tournament. Here he went +33 in K-D while keeping an ADR of an incredible 113.6. See highlights from the match here.

Top 5 list of the best players of 2021:

  1. s1mple - 1.38 rating

  2. smooya - 1.34 rating

  3. dycha - 1.32 rating

  4. SENSEi - 1.32 rating

  5. ZywOo - 1.28 rating

You can get a good sense of how "dycha" is playing and approaching CS:GO in this video.

The next big event for dycha and ENCE is the ESL Pro League Season 13 starting the 8th of March.

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